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he's demonstrated the crisis manager and so, does he have maybe some monetary policy yet in the way i do or entitlement reform of the light? health care? , not yet. ..
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the. >> through to work and what four people who were strong in that area. >> >> tina kelley and kevin
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ryan president of covenant health talks about list teens in north america and the effort by covenant health to help them. mayor cory booker participates in the discussion and it is about 45 minutes. [applause] >> 84 being here. we won to get to write to it. let's talk about why you decided to be a part of the project? >> i have known cavanaugh long time. with our entire one attorney together. government house is put to work in new jersey has a heart and spirit and sold it does much more for our city
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knowing about you and covenant house i felt very privileged to write the foreword because it would recognize the fact my dad would have been homeless himself. board to a single mother, very poor. and even more so. my dad was po. [laughter] he could not afford the other two letters. [laughter] but through his extraordinary love his family kept him on a trajectory forward. he was able to put first semester's tuition but it is a conspiracy of love makes me to i am today but it
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starts with the young people. what bothers me is he talks so dramatically in a negative fashion and we don't realize everyone end was of a child to prevent the challenges he faces as an adult. douglas said it is easier to raise strongmen. who i feel the urgency we do not prioritize our children as much as we should. >> you say the labor party is the forward. it is so from the heart and this week you are engaged in
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the snap challenge? >> i was up late with my girlfriend on twitter. [laughter] when will our mayor get a life? it was a sunday night going back down fourth. people throw out things that are down. but i was sitting in to an intellectual question of government. this person said government should not worry about the nutrition of children. people don't think what that would mean. we all realize the society makes small amount of investment 30 you do not have to make the big investment late and we're deeply invested in the success of kids. the more hour e economy grows
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grows, teachers, professors, entrepreneurs, the greatest natural resources we have is our children. so i go back and say finally see what it is like to live off of food stamps or the snow program. i woke up and it was a big story. [laughter] i called my staff. [laughter] but it was a powerful thing. we're one of 14 cities in america that has a food policy director. we have done a lot of work to and expand affordable health the options. i said this is a great thing. not only raise the level of
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compassion and understanding to dispel bad stereotypes for those letter on snap but also the policy we could make at the local level to address food and security, expand health the options. that is what we're doing this week. we also have to think of society as a whole. there were security guards in my office and talking with them some make $7 of our. many of them are working overtime yet still qualify for snap yet we allow many employees it is there to
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block the sex and love section of. [laughter] it is like the line across with certain magazines. [laughter] you should put your book on the sec's by all. >> we should call it 50 shades of homelessness. [laughter] it would have sold better. >> there is poignant testimony to live in a society of first responders when a buildings targeted with terrorists intents there on the "frontline" but we only paid them $7 an hour? no benefits. no retirement. one guy said he worked 10 years with no benefits.
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i really hope is to bring more attention to these problems. now congress is debating cuts from the snap program. rican not cut long-term benefits we should begin to prioritize these things federally and locally. >> talk about small actions that people take can you talk about how that works in the city? >> famous people who made it like tether perry who was homeless living in a car to
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people i know throughout my community who have dealt with the brutal hatred because they came out at a young age. it is amazing including tyler perry how one small act of kindness made a difference and it gives me chills that we all have the power that could be an act of kindness to someone else. you can see them up close and personal like it new york or new jersey and doesn't take that much effort to be there with our kids. things that we could do through covenant house to raise money does not take
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that much money to give someone a jury of zero. when i first became mayor i had a metaphor but i would cling to that i am of prisoner of folk there were so many challenges i would say every our prisoners of hope. now metaphor is completely changed because ic transformative thing is happening from the largest park expansion the creativity of my team the first time in 60 years hotels who are employing people in the city. i tell people now i am hope
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unhinge because now i believe in my heart of hearts there is no problem poverty, child list is. it is not can we but do we have the collective will? with kids we have tens of thousands of children on a waiting list for big brothers and big sisters. the data on mentoring is amazing. to drive down negative behavior but up with academic achievement with four hours per month i know we spend that watching our favorite tv shows watching their real housewives of new jersey and jersey shore.
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[laughter] if we would spend that kind entering imagine what we could do. they got my father was not on a waiting list. alice walker says most common way people give up power is not to recognize the have it in the first place. it can transform the outcomes with the programs are organizations. >> the book includes stories of people who have stepped up. your lens and she will be mother and a business executive bid newark to be filled with adults to hurt kids to prioritize drugs, careers are a selfish
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interest why do people step up? the world wants to ignore these kids but people find a different path. why is that? >> i don't know. [laughter] i do not. it feels so good. to do the right they as much as inner-city people talk about under these definitions on a daily basis during hurricane sandy i was blown away by the extraordinary kindness people showed to their neighbors. when i was then a tough neighborhood a disabled woman rolled up to say i will give you two cases of
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water. she said i need them. i said you would be delivering water in your neighborhood? she said yes. we check out. we should have delivered water to hear -- to gerber she was delivering it to others. that is the degree of expression of humanity. i do know when somebody does something like that it inspires other people why when pitcher of a cop giving shoes become viral? we hunger for that. ways the uptick of giving during christmas time? the infectious spirit that should not be just one month per year.
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if every single day we instruct others we all carry a toxin and we should not keep it for ourselves. somebody banished my cynicism. just negative 20 somethings i remember this pool of slush then i see an older african-american woman pushing a cart i said i will go help this woman of course. then this guide jumps conservatively dressed and never would have assumed he would walk into the slush
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his shoes are probably my monthly allowance and picks up the cart and brings it to the side and smiles. i baird would this and it lifted me and made me more open and loving. you never know what one small act can-do to make that change. we are stock. there is no shortage of kids. i want to covenant house to be out of business. >> taka about the need for political will to help young people and they are not part of a political lobby how do we get that out across the political sphere? >> you get the officials you deserve. they respond to pressure and
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incentives. we pushed the attention to washington or albany o or city hall but we have the power to exercise pressure demand influence on elective officials. we have to get much more active to have a city to respond to the rate of child poverty we should be shamed and nation the strong and kids in poverty don't have the access to success with material and that is the completeness to address and when kids stand up and they say the words liberty and justice for all that it
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should be a command with a compelling aspiration and to make that real but we are lacking that sense of urgency when i think of great movements in america we were not led by a officials to respond to the leadership in the ground. when we think of voting conversations had rehab and entire presidential debate and the word party is not what we should talk about? i hope we can change the dialogue. i would like to do a balance sheet analysis of the country. the manhattan institute works with us with the balance sheet analysis for
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every $1 spent on staff it is a multiplier effect. about $1.70 of job creation and also with programs for kids. it produces an economic results so things will change. campaigning for president obama in seattle with it amazing support organization there that shows 23 homeless people looked at medical expenses the year before and the year after. 23 people they saved $1 million of medical expenses because it is far more expensive especially with mental health to leave
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them on the street this is what the study did not do but it by a that one man who was teaching people about cooking. we have babe backwards way to think that if you are a republican it should be biggest cause it is wasteful government propelled. >> we will make you late so i will off per one thought and give you the last word. would reverse meant i remember saying i like your tie. you took it off and give it to me. i think you offer that your country. you offer your light to those signed letter but
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those all across the country inspired buy you and the late that you draw us to with hope and optimism i was stumped when an acreage a woman said it is the really as sexy? [laughter] i said. >> i look much better from faraway. [laughter] >> 84 the light you have shared with us but also to the nation. but for hope and optimism our future is bright because he will be a big part of it. >> i will correct you. i said this to my fans. i get my energy from being them mayor of the city but people get the job done every single day. also with the work that we do i am proud to give a
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modicum of support to what you we're doing but there are heroes of light and energy working with covenant house there is a young kid that will be born to one of the children there you will never know their name and they will feel the love. science shows if you look at the stars tonight just imagine think that is hundreds of billions of light years away and many are gone and do not exist but the energy and lightbulb body gives of goes on forever generations yet unborn feel that light we may have a finite time of eris but every single day we
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should burn s bright and as more and brilliant as possible. those elected the state's elected officials and has been fueled with a conspiracy of love. i and my father had a lot of colorful things he would say about me as a kid he would say jokingly don't walk around in here like you hit a triple. i was a po. [laughter] you were born on third base. >> bid-rigging from the wells of freedom and opportunity that we did not take part of that gives us an obligation to give back in every way possible to see
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it is a secret to live life of joy and solace and love. [applause] >> we want to thank the mayor for being with us for any questions. >> one of my concerns. [inaudible] it just seems to be the government wish to be doing
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something. not necessarily a european system but who aren't the magical doctors? to provide health care to everyone has $70 per year. then to take out 300 grand for medical school? >> the question is how well we've help young people make it through? college and graduate school with runaway tuition? >> how to read get the doctors? list. >> we read about how hard it is for homeless kids where these young people live just to get through high-school. the talent of some any kids
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in there was the beautiful memoir last year how do we create educational opportunities for the families that will not take care of them who have been told you were broke and? were they will reject them because they are gay or lesbian? merisel lost college feels like another planet it. we read about the game changing things that nonprofits are doing to create is goals there is a program here and is connected to the drop in center for disconnected youth that school was started with the notion there are young people who feel marginalized.
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can you get them to come and? at the filenet -- house we run ever only those who have spent expelled they did not cite fan the best and brightest these are schools for kids who are the best and brightest but rejected from the mainstream system. there is not a lot of those. we know of just a handful and we think more of that would create opportunity if you look at the labor statistics kids with the high-school diploma are much more likely to find work than those new to not. getting kid to cross that bridge is for those that
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work with young people. those who are homeless in the city offer a master class haiti and a doughnut shop this is true for all those be right about and we have to knowledge there are not millions of homeless of young people who got of their way not to be seen and to understand to achieve the great promise of the future we have to see that they exist. they have nobody else. that is set of left. >> when about private industry? and their support programs like this? when i used to work for citi grupo had a program with mentoring between the
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executives and the kids that would help. is that in the but? >> battlestar this then teaneck can talk about it. what about private industry? a great example is 10 c. lewis panera works with the 10 at -- covenant house to create a and apprenticeships with panera cares to give young people the opportunity to come into line training center to give them the operations of the business then it launches them into management positions. not minimum-wage but the ladder of economic opportunity. the smartest ceos i hiring homeless young people.
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they may not have the resume but they are so hungary and out to the chief. giving kids the first break right eight hires many to allow them to save up for the first apartment and go to school at night. there is not enough to do this and the smartest ceos get that. >> with the mentoring efforts for young people sometimes all it takes is 1% to will believe in them and hold them into a higher standard to flourishing we have seen over and over with
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executives and employees just having someone that cares to believe their future could be a game changer. [inaudible] when the hardest hit men questions. >> hy-vee you keep people energized and keep of our raw with those who are so upset? >> the biggest homeless youth center is just when drive down the road to hundred 50 feet of less young people are there. there taking care the on people who have no other safe place to be. the trafficking and
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exploitation and the pilots have experienced eats away at the soul of those who work with them. 20 years ago i had a lot more hair, i was a lot than there. i forgot to why was. my mother told me that i could sing. i cannot sing. my mother had me convinced my father had me convinced i could be great math and science. they made me believe i could. covenant house kids to not have that. you think the darkness is so large and hovers that the light is untouchable but the great virtue of being 40 years old i now know doctors and teachers and great parents to were once upon a time homeless kids.
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the somebody love them and brought them across the bridge so 1/2 to remind ourselves i am not being sentimental but the light is so much stronger than the darkness. big things and small things to change the life of a kid. people once a week take a happy birthday cake that have never had anybody same for them before. kids will never take that down because they have never seen their happy birthday before. that is small. it changes the kid's life forever. why did that lady saying have birthday to me? maybe i am not broken. something may be good.
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the light would be hotter than the sun came changing for kids means getting into it together. >> do you also talk about the government. >> three top gain just about volunteer is them or the government play a role? we talk about what the government has to do to make a difference and the things what they can do. if there was 15 of a bike to win to stop investing billions of dollars in the welfare system and have 20,000 graduate from foster care without a family. so many end up homeless they throw them in a garbage bag and end up desperate.
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if we could fix that that is within the circle of the public sector, it would dramatically impact was homelessness looks like. >> focus that we know of ways to fix the system of. kids who are older and foster care to be adopted out. kids coming again into a permanent family is an extreme family finding programs with retired detective's looking for the second cousin and say would you be interested to give the home to your relative? seventy% they can find permanent homes compared to 40% so there is a way to reduce the stream and to foster care even entering
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and the first place by offering family services then we reduce the stream into the homeless shelter. 40% who graduates out of foster care and a palm less within the first four years. >> there is the big public private narrative b.a.t at it is still okay if we couldter. 40% who graduates out of foster care and a palm less within the first four years. >> there is the big public private narrative b.a.t at it is still okay if we could be half as brave about making it taboo to drive across the bridge to come into this city to buy one kid for a night. we would really change people's perception and on what is the proper for intimacy. people in this city who are bought and sold by those who
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make a lot of money off of the box of these kids. we have a long way to go to a knowledge young people continue to be exploited in some voice think it is okay to go into the city for the night to get of hooker. kid may be homeless that is true tonight in this city as well. >> what does your program specifically do to help it down as of the sex trade? >> it is what we do individually and the public polis the question. we work with other leaders across the country to
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improve legislation and that protect survivors. the champions of the entire trafficking work at the federal and state levels of the fbi gave us the community partner board to identify victims of sex trafficking. in pennsylvania several weeks ago covenant house lead a coalition and to champion save harbor legislation that would be true throughout the united states also guatemala and nicaragua we work directly to cope prosecute against those who are trafficking kids as young as six years old. the work that we do depends
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on where the victim is with the exploitation by almost always involves psychiatric counseling, and help them build a plan for word that is not very different from what we did 30 years ago kids have been bought and sold for a long time and we help kids move from exploitation and to hope and opportunity we hope people to be better educated and 70 is a big dumb and their of their own volition if it is determined somebody is under age we urge police agencies will learn that looks like to get those kids in to services. >> is reunification and ever a goal?
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>> every opportunity that is in the kids' interest is explored because we want people to have a family if their family is safe we want to be a part of that. just like the welfare system the vast majority of young people coming into covenant house do not have families that can be safely reconnect it. but that is not true for every person. may try a to help them find a person who love them. the talk about the first job, the first apartment kids need to finish their education but what they need more than anything else is
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an adult who unconditionally loves them and will not let go. wealthy you will cdn "almost home" is people stepped up the coke it is often not the executive director but the janitor, or the coke roadsides i am not letting go of will help them get across the bridge >> to more questions. >> we heard about other ways to help farther other avenues you can help the homeless youth? i went to the homeless academy to have volunteer
5:43 pm
programs to prepare them to work with the youth? so that these can work with homeless? >> four holla-- we offer young people to come and for the party's. cookie decorating or pumpkin carving that people have never had. it seems childish but they have never had those experiences. i used to pain to nails. that would make them feel valued i don't know about a full-time volunteer? >> i think there are age limits there are cool things going on across the country
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at colleges and high-school that young people have been slipping out to sleep out with the crisis of of business to raise money for homeless young people. also those two organize a clothing room in a shelter. you can throw them in a pile recognize this is a moment to get tough kid to feel special to organize it like a boutique even though they have nothing else to wear people who come and they're doing this tonight in anchorage planning ways to make that experience to fine a pair of jeans and turn that into something special. high-school students will do that to see the close.
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covenant house will touch 56,000 people this year and six countries. we are part of a much bigger movement of homeless shelters for kids were there is love and the world. there is room for all of us. >> last question. >> how can we be involved?
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>> i am confident there is a huge role to play here. if we get in here in the robust way about the
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extraordinary people
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to go afghanistan and get enough light, so it doesn't matter to me. more and more every single day these guys are the most important people in my life. it shows the responsibility to take care of one another and support one another and support one another. they didn't take long before the personality differences melted away. and then without a doubt our brother. there is no doubt in my mind they were willing to sacrifice their life just as i was for them, and in the end they proved it. michael team sacrificed their life, not just for me but for all of us in this room.
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some of the details that unfolded that day september 8, 2009 said we were running a mission in the valley. this is the only mission plan that took me out and replaced me with a sergeant named sargent johnson. now gunnery jay was a fitness guru that left to work out for the day and i can tell you right now i always hated it. so anyway, gunnery jay was going to take my spot and i still ask the question today. my assignment was to sit back and secure a position with all the vehicles and while my team entered the valley, which i was uncomfortable with that being in the united states marine corps to don't have much of an option but to follow orders. so the mission was to secure the town meeting because the village elders had come to us and said they were going to renounce themselves from the taliban. this is how we win the war for
5:56 pm
what it's worth. i believe the supporters of the taliban by that anything stopping their freedom of movement to stop terrorism. so, that is what we were trying to do on this mission. almost immediately got in the village and my team was under attack. it was an ambush. it didn't take me long to realize it wasn't a normal and bush. i'd been in quite a few firefights but at the first of any fire fight it's kind of like the dust comes in and you try to figure out any situation. your training just kicks in and you start doing your job after about ten to 15 minutes. but not in this fight. it was like one thing after another. everything started to fall like a house of cards to read everything that we relied on to support us wasn't happening. it was like a mission was falling quickly like a house of
5:57 pm
cards. and the enemy was seeing it and they were taking full advantage of it. after some period of time i sat in the vehicle and we figured out we had to do something. we couldn't just sit back and watch anymore. so we went in four times, and each time we said no. we said you know what, we've got to go in because that's what brothers do for one another. and we knew as soon as we were in our armed program that if the situation wasn't as bad as it was we were going to have to answer for it. and i can tell you this, i would rather be here answering the consequences for my time being alive today and not being as bad as it was then to stand here today and no i didn't do anything because i was worried about myself and my team would be dead. as we were going and i heard the lt. johnson on the radio start calling the artillery mission. he starts calling in, and he
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calls it spot on. it's perfect. the response he got back was his great location was too close to the village. he said if you don't give me fees' rounds right now, you're going to die and the response back was try your best to be the few minutes later i heard the sergeant come over the radio. he said he had to call and a medical evaluation. he kept getting cut off because of the radio traffic going over the radio. he finally said get off the radio i'm trying to get a medivac, so everyone did. so i pulled out my sharpie because if i can write the grid down i can locate his position on the map and go straight to him and follow where the team is. with my sharpie in my hand i
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drew out a grid, and he stopped. and that is the last time i ever heard from my teammate. after six more hours of evaluating the afghan soldiers and the michigan guard's the helicopter spotted their lifeless bodies in the trench and when i got there i immediately knew they were all gone but i didn't want to face it triet surely it can't be all of them, this can't be true so i checked each one of them for a pulse and i confirmed what i already knew. and then they were all together doing their job as they had sworn to do in the military as every man and woman does when they enlist. it's different to communicate to sewing sure you get the same amount so they recognize outstanding and courageous. but for me to be honest, it's on the exact opposit

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